A New Print Magazine from Airbnb

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Really interesting to see Airbnb expand their brand and consumer experience into a magazine. I have a lot of respect for the community aspects they've built into the product. We've been speaking internally about how much we should invest in content at Product Hunt (e.g. founder interviews, the podcast, etc.). Not to derail the conversation here but I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this. cc @shaunmodi @stephnbain
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Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉
Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
@rrhoover I know that this is obvious, but I would definitely subscribe to a PH magazine, especially if the break-downs were in-depth and made reference to similar/supportive products. Other things I'd like to see: 1. Book on community management o.O 2. The laptop sticker is a cool identifier, but I think the Hunter Identifier line of products could expand 3. 1MillionsCups has a passport program that I think could be cool for MeetUps 4. Convention (duh, you've got to be planning this already) 5. Applet that alerts you if a site has yet to be hunted (ha!)
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Jeff Morris Jr.
Revenue Products at Tinder
@rrhoover I'd love to brainstorm this with you. Have some ideas. Philz soon?!
Ilia MarkovContent Marketing Buff
@rrhoover this is a good idea and I love how the 'air' they gave it is much more centered on the community and storytelling rather than this just being a travel magazine (of which there are too many and with which AirBnb would find it extremely hard to compete for readers' attention).
Shaun Modi
Designing for Product Hunt and TM
@rrhoover Pineapple is a beautiful magazine with one focus: the Airbnb community . The attention to detail that went into the photography, writing, layout, branding and paper is astonishing. It articulates the Airbnb experience through captivating narratives from locals, artists and adventurers from 3 remarkably unique cities. (London, Seoul, SF) My good friend (and best man) @lukezic is the inventor and visionary behind it. Chris, jump in?
Spencer Schoeben
College dropout working on something new
Weird name.