A low cost Linux laptop that looks like a MacBook

#3 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2016
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And it has ports!!!
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@fishsander it's funny how this is something that people have to say now
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@fishsander And a screen (the next thing they will remove) :P
@adam_kelly It's definitely a pleasant surprise when being advertised as 'looking like a MacBook'. 😅
As a backer of the original Kickstarter, I would not recommend pine64 platform. There is a lot of disappointment in the community and while developers have been working hard on support, it has been slow and minimal.
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They missed the boat not including a backlit keyboard and glowing LED penguin logo on the backside.
'Looks like' seems to be where the similarities end though...those specs are straight out of 2008, even for a low end machine
@alexdbauer well to be fair, it's basically a board like a Raspberry Pi (not it though) with in a good laptop form. So thinking about it as a cheap Linux Macbook might not be the best way to think of it but instead as a "Pi" with a fancy case that includes a battery, screen, mouse and keyboard built in. Considering how many things you can do with those boards, having a portable version could be useful.
@alexdbauer Well it is only $89. So it fits its niche i think pretty well. There are Windows PCs out there that look like Macbooks also if someone wanted a macbook clone with ports, and with some more power than this thing has.
@alexdbauer yeah. An ARM. Wtf?
Where is my magical Touch Bar? Surely, any laptop without a Touch Bar in this day and age is incomplete and sub-par!
@ajayn it's no uncouth it even has a deprecated 3.5mm jack on the side. Such a lack of courage is reprehensible.