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Hello, Everyone 👋 My name is Henrikas and I'm the maker of Pine. Today I'm incredibly excited to announce the launch of version 1! Pine is designed to help you organize all of your digital content in a single place which you can reach from anywhere with just a browser. With Pine you can: ✅ Keep track of Todos, sort them into groups and visualize them in a timeline. Share your Todo Lists via a link to let others know how you're doing. 🏃‍♂️ Track Habits and measure your performance over time. 📝 Write notes, share them via a public link. 🔗 Keep bookmarks right next to the other stuff. And most importantly - you can do all of this in within a single app, and sort everything using a simple tag system. Pine is your own personal Journal, Knowledge Base, Project Manager or whatever else you decide to turn it into. I'm making Pine in my spare time with the sole intention of making it as pleasing as possible to everyone who uses it. Your feedback is the best thing I could ask for!
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what editor are you using for Pine Notes?
@hainguyen13 Hey Nguyễn! I'm using slatejs atm. Slate just went through some major changes in it's API, so as soon as I get time to update - Pine's notes will feel different too!
@henrykuzmick Why did you choose Slate over other editors like ProseMirror?
@mintran Not an easy decition, but Slate seemed to offer the best amount of extendability. At the moment notes in Pine are very bare-bone, but it will get much more powerful, with the ability to creates todos directly in notes, embed bookmarks, habits, etc. So plugins and extendabilty was the main selling point for mem. Slate also allows for a good amount of control over the look and feel. I did run into the issue where Slate just went through major changes, completelly breaking the API, so I'll be forced to remake how notes work almost from scratch... The updated API looks great though and should allow for even better notes.
@henrykuzmick Thanks for sharing. Choosing an editor is not easy. I've just switched from Quill to ProseMirror because Quill's developer abandoned the project.
@mintran I looked into ProseMirror yesterday and it seems pretty great! My biggest beef with Slate is the constant API changes (but of course that's expected as they're still in beta) If I were to start from scratch, I'd highly consider ProseMirror
Wow. This is really incredible! It's so rounded and well-done! Like Notion and Todoist in one :D Going to give this a shot. Edit, my feedback: - Buttons need to be bigger! - UX should be more intuitive. Clicking outside of a prompt should, for example, disable that prompt (hide it or something along those lines) - When hovering over the button to mark as done, the mouse state should change. This is all basic accessibility! - When in a board, when pressing the plus button in the bottom right, we're presented with a set of options. For whatever reason, at the VERY TOP of that list, the option 'Send feedback' is presented. Odd placement? Not intuitive To me, a to-do app should be made as intuitive and easy to work with as possible at all times. Every micro-optimization matters. I'm missing a few of those. Would love to see more of those :) Other than that, amazing work. Really, really, well done for a version one. Feels like a version 1.5 - 2! :D
@lucas_hogendoorn Thanks Lucas! It's so cool to see people enjoying it! Your feedback is amazing, all very good points! With the core functionallity now working, making better UX is exactly what I want to work on now. The only thing in higher priority so far is the mobile app :)
This gives me Blurt vibes (cc @corey_gwin)
@corey_gwin @rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! I'm so happy to hear that! I love Blurt and Corey's work! He's an inspiration and great company to be compared to!
LOVE THIS. I've been looking for something like this. I recently started with Notion but notion is just to complex for what I need and has too many options. I also feel that I focus more on the organization of the content versus the content itself with apps like notion. This is great and will definitely be using this.
It would be nice if there was a journal section
@troy_walker Thanks! It's awesome to see you like it! How would the journal section look like in your opinion?
@henrykuzmick hmm. I'll need to dig in and use the app more to give my opinion on this. I'll post back once I use it for a day or so!
@troy_walker @henrykuzmick something like the Now project maybe?
@troy_walker @zedsq What's the Now project? could you give me a link? :)