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By @renjie and co, sup renjie do an AMA
Ok i'll start, the site and app store description is a little terse: 1. how would you describe Pine in your own words @renjie? 2. why should people install this? 3. is this like iDoneThis but for emotional states? 4. how do you ensure that people will make this a daily habit? (tbh i *HATE* it when people ask me this question, only wife and some of my close friends get my real response, everybody else gets the trolly liveink answer of 'sup') 5. who's the team building this?
@liveink Thanks Kevin! 1. Pine gives me the space every day to check-in on how Im feeling. I already do this with a pen and journal every now and then. We wanted to see if we could build a simple mobile app that could help me make this a daily habit 2. If people are looking for a tool to help make daily reflection a habit, they should install Pine 3. Pine is different from iDoneThis -- we're not tracking measurables or dones. Rather, it's the simple habit of reflecting daily wherever that takes us 4. Pine uses simple nudges and notifications to help remind you to check-in. It's not an annoying app telling you to do something, it's simply signal from friends that are doing it too. It helps you see you are a part of a community of friends that are also making a daily check-in a habit. 5. The team at
@renjie thanks! Follow up, what if I can't write how I'm feeling? Ie. If I were to write how I feel right now it would be the awwwwyeah.gif
@liveink That's where the smiley faces on Pine come in! Also,
@renjie feature request, i would like to be able to add gifs on Pine, because right now I'm all
@liveink Haha nice! Noted!
The site isn't specific, and I didn't want to download it without a bit more info. Is this focused on how I'm doing, or is it something I can use to check on someone else daily? (having a prompt on both my phone and my kids would be nice to just stay in touch easier than text or IM some days.)
@SacBookReviewer Thanks for this question Ross! We wanted to keep the app as well as the website as simple as possible so that we could get feedback on how people would like to use it. To answer your question though, Pine is focused on you, to give you the opportunity to check-in with yourself everyday on how you're feeling. The secondary aspect is checking-in on others, like your kids for example. And yes, totally hear you on a simple Pine nudge being a lot easier than a text or an IM on some days, that's the type of experience we're working towards.
@renjie I may have missed it, but I didn't see any mention about what kind of data you're storing or how you're storing it. Are you planning an API to open up this data for export/hacking?
@BelleBCooper Hi Belle, great question! Reflecting is a really personal experience and our default is to keep this data private. If we hear from users that there are ways they want to share any of their data, we'd be opening to exploring those options. But whatever we end up doing, Pine is about creating the space for everyone to have a safe space to reflect. That will always be at our core.
@renjie Cool, fair point. Thanks for clearing that up. We've built our own mood tracking solution for Exist, since it seems like the default is to not offer a way to get mood data out. I think Mood Panda might be one of the few that make it possible.
@BelleBCooper I'll look into Exist and Mood Panda as well, thanks Belle!
After we released the concept prototype of PINE back in September, including posting on ProductHunt, we received lots of great feedback from over 200 initial testers. We’ve just released our first full beta V 2.0.0 of PINE on — would love to get some feedback on it. We’ve re-written PINE for V 2.0.0, including: - An even simpler way to check in - Find and connect with friends - Track and review your history - Share your mood with friends - Upload your avatar - Gentle nudges to help your friends make checking-in a habit In an upcoming V 2.1.0 update, we’ll be including: - Beautiful nudges - because we believe nudges to be special - Improved notifications to help you build your streak - Performance improvements for the history view - Additional on-boarding helpers to support new users We’ve also been able to understand what the core of PINE is, and it is the simplicity (and privacy) of checking-in, with the support of a nurturing community around you who are also doing the same thing. shout-out to @liveink for introducing me to ProductHunt