Music suggestions based on location, mood, weather & more

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KrisHunter@grizzwithak · Frequent Upvoter - Sometimes Submitter
Honestly, I was hesitant to even try this since I've downloaded so many music apps that have been a waste of time. The location aspect of this really intrigues me – it would be super interesting to see what others are listening to near me. I like the focus on emerging artists too since it’s so hard to get noticed these days. Also, can’t complain that there are no ads and unlimited skips. Just wish there were more users in my area, but maybe eventually.
pavan kumar
pavan kumarMaker@pavantalla
Highly appreciate the idea and recommend the app. It simplified selection of right music to suit weather, mood and location. I just open the app and select the playlist to enjoy well curated music by fellow users.
Vishu Gupta
Vishu GuptaMaker@vishrtk · Cofounder & CEO @ PindropMusic
@pavantalla Thanks for appreciation, Please drop some Pindrops at your area to help other users near you enjoy the best music.
Vishu Gupta
Vishu GuptaMaker@vishrtk · Cofounder & CEO @ PindropMusic
Hi Kris, Thanks for submitting the app on ProductHunt! We have developed PindropMusic keeping in mind the issues music lovers face while listening to music through apps. They generally keep on skipping songs until they find the most suitable one for that moment and as most of the apps charge for skips, users cant get much of the liberty. We track factors that affect user's mood and suggest music recommended by other nearby users for that mood/situation, hence creating a perfect playlist for any moment. Our future updates will include: - Personal Playlisting feature - Sharing Music and Playlists on social feeds within PindropMusic and on other Social media - Following your favourite playlists - An awesome promotional panel for Emerging artists who would be able to focus their music to specific audience and much more :) Looking forward for great feedback from the community. -Vishu Co-founder@PindropMusic
Anuj Vatsa
Anuj Vatsa@anujv11
The UI is sleek and love the way there`s context switch between different features in the app. Waiting for more users to use the app and drop more music pins.
Vishu Gupta
Vishu GuptaMaker@vishrtk · Cofounder & CEO @ PindropMusic
@anujv11 Thanks Anuj, we'll keep improving it :)