PinDrive is the first AR experience of Eltima Software. It's a useful pocket helper for drivers that will assist you finding a vehicle on a public parking lot, with a red floating arrow above it!

Built with ARKit for iOS 11 available for free in App Store.

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Possibly just me, but the logo looks like a lady’s hygiene product.
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@chrisvxd I was thinking the same thing 🤣 on closer inspection its a birds eye view of a car
@chrisvxd Same! I was thinking either that, or it was some pill for red blood cells
@chrisvxd Here is your upvote sir!
@chrisvxd haha! That was also my first thought :D
Hey Hunters! We have released our new iOS application made with ARKit — PinDrive — that helps drivers find their cars in a public parking. The app allows saving the coordinates of a place you parked at to find your car easily. All you need is to pin your parking spot, and when you get back, the red floating arrow will show you the car location. PinDrive is fully compatible with iOS 11+, iPhone 6s and newer, location service and the access to the camera are required. PinDrive is available for FREE on App Store: Also, you can visit the official page for more information:

Nice utility that really shows how AR can help in real life, not just a tool to demonstrate what your iPhone is capable of.


Free useful utility, that unlike other AR tools is really helpful! No Ads, small and easy.


Didn't see any

Good one. I never found issue in finding car in open parking. Biggest issue is to loose my car in the multi level car parking. Will it work in that scenario?
@ravimgarg Depends on the situation. PinDrive uses iOS Location Service to set coordinates. So, the more location sources you have available (WiFi, GPS, etc.) the more accurate will be the pin.
What makes this different from simply pinning your car's location on a map and using a map app to guide you?
@lamaalrajih I guess you can use a map to do the same thing, but doing this in AR seems like a lot more fun! And this will be much useful when AR glasses are properly developed!