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An Android application to securely store your PIN numbers, door codes and any other sensitive data, all on your phone.

Marina  Bondar
  • Marina  Bondar
    Marina BondarMarketing, UI/UX, AI

    so useful


    no cons

    My brains are resting and I can not remember all my passwords

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Jay Ⓥ
Jay ⓋMaker@fullstackjay
Hi PH 👋 A year ago I moved into a new apartment and had a whole lot of door codes to remember. The lobby entrance, laundry room, my apartment building and my apartment itself all had different codes. I also have about 4 bank cards that I use, all with different PINs too. I carried around a small note in my wallet with all the codes written on which scared me, but I couldn't think of a better solution. I created PinCrypt to solve this problem. I wanted to make a simple, effective storage app for various codes that I needed on a regular basis. Typical password managers stored my data on a server away from my device and were faceless entities I trusted with my data. PinCrypt takes a different approach. Using military grade encryption, your data is stored locally on your device and is secured by a master PIN number. Your data is decrypted and rendered on your device once you authenticate, but is never decrypted in your device's database. This is my first ever app release (iOS coming soon) so if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it! Thanks for checking out PinCrypt 😊 James