Create, share, listen to podcast clips easily.

Podcasts are long, why not clip them and cut straight to the chase?
I created Pincast to deliver this promise.
You don't need YouTube anymore. All clips are linked to the original podcast episode, and all plays, likes, contribute to the original creator.
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Keen to check this out but I url is broken
@riva_puati it is back on and you can check it out now. first time launching, didn't get everything right. sorry
@riva_puati @adamleo Down again? I was looking forward to checking this out too
@riva_puati @cellus_christie it's on. what does the site look like on your side? also which country are you in?
I simply love podcasts. They are fun, informative, entertaining. But they are long. Short clips of certain podcast episodes are hard to find, and they normally exist as separated videos on YouTube, which makes it hard to listen to on the go, and the clips are not linked to the original episode, so I can't continue listening when the clip is over. That's why I created PinCast, anybody can create clips, and all clips are linked to the original episode, all plays are contributed to the podcaster, as well as the clip creator. I hope this can bring value to podcast listeners, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. P.S. This is the initial launch, there are more features coming. Any advice/suggestion is appreciated. πŸ˜ƒ
@adamleo is your website down? Would love to check it out!
@chrismessina hey chris, it's back on now. btw I follow you and am glad to hear from you haha
Looks good, but it's named too close to Pinecast. Perhaps consider another name?
@mattbasta Pincast sounds like the perfect name for a product like this IMO
@mattbasta didn't know "pinecast" exists, the reason I chose this name was because you can pinpoint certain timestamps on podcasts. will think about it. but thanks a lot for mentioning!