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Pinboard is fantastic: I’ve been a user for several years. It can hook into your Twitter account an automatically archive any links you post or retweet. It also has an interesting fee structure: the price goes up as more people sign up. There tend to be bog spikes every time a competing bookmarking service folds
it doesn't explain -- why's it for introverts?

I have been a user for many many years and have a ton of bookmarks stored there.


It is inexpensive. Fast.


Not sure it will survive. Haven't seen update in years. Owner is focused on politics now.

This is the biggest ripoff I've encountered in a while. I paid my money, and then found out the browser extension for Safari is about seven version old and no longer under development. I cannot get it working, so I emailed the Pinboard developer. After one exchange he's just ignored me. I asked for a refund, and he continues to ignore me. It's a total ripoff as far as I'm concerned.
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I'm a rabid pinboard user, and consider it my website/link memory. I use it every day, and is how I remember all the Product Hunt links:)