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Discover your perfect restaurant with Pimmr Scrolling the web for ages when looking for a nice place to eat, trusting reviews of people you don’t really know at all... We are fed up with this. And that’s why we are building Pimmr. Pimmr shows you restaurants that actually suit your taste. Within minutes! We’ll take the time to get to know you and give you personal advice, for which we combine Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Your own taste profile By using Pimmr more often, you will work on a personal taste profile. We can match this profile with restaurants, but also with taste look alikes. Based on these comparisons, we can show you hotspots you didn’t know about, but that will likely fit your preferences. Get surprised by Pimmr! The future Our ambitions go further than only restaurants: From advice on concerts, to movies or even weekend breaks. And we are working hard on advice for groups. How easy would it be if Pimmr found the restaurant that fits you and your friends best? To take these next steps, we need more people to try out Pimmr. More testers, is more feedback, is faster improvements! So go ahead and try out Pimmr: https://pimmr.com
Pimmr makes eating out with friends a lot easier, since the Pimmr group recommendation has been released! No more arguing with your friends about finding that perfect restaurant, because Pimmr gives a recommendation based on the preferences of the whole group. See also where your friends have eaten, help them find exciting places and show off where you have been. Use our super easy interface and start finding that great restaurant. Have more good times in less time! Why Pimmr? - Get inspired by the restaurant reviews and updates from your friends. - Get personalized group recommendations and discover new restaurants based on your group tastes. - Make your online reservation right away. - Keep a wish list. - Rate and review any restaurant in our database of more than 7.000 restaurants in the Netherlands. - Last but not least, it’s free! Download links: bit.ly/pimmr-iphone (iOS) bit.ly/pimmr-android (Android)
Thanks for submitting Pimmr @sjorsmaher :) I'm Susanne and I work at Pimmr, together with an amazing team of developers, data-lovers and foodies. We have been working on Pimmr for a while and our app is now available (in beta) for iOS and web (pimmr.com). We cover restaurants in The Netherlands. We're far from finished and we'll continue pounding our keyboards to create an amazing personal recommendation system, that helps you find restaurants you will love in no time! We welcome every idea or form of feedback that helps us with this. So let us know what you think!