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Based on in-depth research on hundreds of businesses, the Pimento Map methodology is a fast, easy and accurate way to evaluate the chances of success of your business model. It gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs, business angels or venture capital firms to build an objective opinion on a new business idea. It also points out in detail where the model can be improved.
I like this, although the onboarding process felt janky. Like it looked like I'd be able to try it out, *then* make an account, and instead I hit a wall on the second page. I would potentially have been fine just making an account on the first page, so that felt misleading. In particular, it kind of feels like you were just trying to collect email addresses. But like, no, I don't have any idea what you're doing yet. I don't want your newsletter :P
-_- and I just *did* make an account and it didn't even remember the map I'd started creating.
@malcolm_ocean Hi Maclom, Thanks a lot for your feedback; we will take it into consideration. We are currently running an A/B testing to see what you guys prefer. If you have other recommendations, please feel free. Have a good one