Smart earpiece language translator

#4 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2016
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Does it work for NY to NJ?
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@donsense1 yes but not Staten Island
Hey PH, So I have been following the hearable space for sometime now. The impact of the innovation in this space and adoption of hearables in our daily lives are going to be massively important in so many ways. So I take both a intellectual and personal interest in surveying the players innovating in this space. I've been pretty disappointed with some of the campaigns I have backed lately, but my experience with Pilot has redeemd my (leap of) faith. I'm a digital nomad. I love to travel, I love to learn languages, and my headphones tend to be my companion on these trips. While working in New York this summer, I had an opportunity to meet the Waverly Labs team and test the product for myself - no restrictions, no disclaimers, just a "go ahead" and give it a test drive on on a random weekday. Why did I get to give it a test-drive? I'm not a journalist or "influencer". Basically..... Just. Because. I. Asked. - Immediately + 2 pts to the team. So what was my experience? Hands down, Pilot exceeded my expectations. It worked, instantly. And when I say it worked, I mean it was the real deal - as described. This was a few months ago and its fair to assume its progressed substantially since - but even at that early stage it proved its merit, promise and potential the team has worked towards its 2 year development. It's rare when a product gives you what feels like super human abilities. It made me want to run off with it and get lost in a new era of communication & cultural exploration. Maybe I was so into Pilot because the random opportunity to try it out came so nonchalantly. Maybe it was because the team is so well versed in speaking to the advancements in innovation necessary to satisfy the mass appeal and overwhelming demand Pilot has garnered globally. Maybe I drank the cool-aid. In any case, it was refreshing to see a team so laser focused on leading the real-time translation space - I have yet to see anything that comes close to the fluidity of Pilot's real-time language translation. The team is laser focused on building society shifting technology and products, I can get behind that, and so now I am a backer of the campaign. Would love to hear other's feedback and thoughts. And looking forward to what ever else is on the horizon in this space. Timmy Wahba
This looks awesome. Which languages will be supported initially?
@paulodef There it is! I clicked on this just to see if someone posted this clip.