The first ISP that doesn't suck (NYC Only)

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We all hate our internet providers. They're slow, unreliable, and overpriced. We think you should love your ISP, and that's why we built Pilot (currently available for businesses in Manhattan). We offer gigabit internet with transparent pricing, no contracts, and Meraki-like control of your office network. We just updated our website and we'd love feedback. I'm here to answer any questions!
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Yes, do this. Go all way with this. I want Comcast to suffer.
@blainehatab haha! I love the enthusiasm. thanks so much!
We use it at Greycroft, big fans!
@ellie yay! we like happy customers. :)
awesome service!
@davidcohen thanks, david!
@davidcohen Lets go to Boulder next :)
@davidcohen @alexiskold We'll see! How much of Boulder wants a better ISP?
Fast internet, no comcast and great service? I can blather on but these guys rock,.
@cvbonello thanks so much!