Smart pill bottle with automatic tracking and reminders


Jeff LeBrun
@jrlebrun · CEO, Pillsy
Thanks for hunting, Tristan! Hi Hunters! I'm Jeff, co-founder of Pillsy. We believe that design and technology can be used to help people take control of their health in ways that the healthcare system is not doing. Our smart pill bottle and app makes it easier for people to manage pills for themselves, and for their loved ones too. We've been working on … See more
Tristan Pollock
@writerpollock · EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
I was surprised to learn that on average people take their medication correctly less than 50% of the time. Pillsy is a smart pill bottle and app that automatically tracks your pills and that sends intelligent reminders when you forget. You can use it for yourself or to take care of a loved one. Pretty rad.
Are they selling their users' aggregated anonymized data to third parties in any way?
David Ryan
@davedri · Founded Corilla. Red Hat & NUMA alumnus.
This looks really interesting. I used to look at my grandmothers pill box, one of those "Monday to Sunday" things, and think that was only for old people. Until I started to miss some of my malaria medication while I was working in Cambodia. A little extra reminder can make more a significant peace of mind! Part of what caught my eye was also the calendar v… See more
Sylwia Gorajek
@sgorajek · Founder/Producer, Valley Talks
Awesome product and great job, @jrlebrun and the team!