Smart pill bottle with automatic tracking and reminders

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Thanks for hunting, Tristan! Hi Hunters! I'm Jeff, co-founder of Pillsy. We believe that design and technology can be used to help people take control of their health in ways that the healthcare system is not doing. Our smart pill bottle and app makes it easier for people to manage pills for themselves, and for their loved ones too. We've been working on Pillsy for over 2 years and we're excited to be launching today on our website, pillsy.com, after over a year of beta testing. One thing we've learned is that there are many use cases for our product. From the young mother who is taking a prenatal vitamin to parents who want to help make sure their children manage their mental health, many people appreciate the help although it's not typically something they'd post about on Facebook. We've aimed to create a product and experience that's lightweight, secure, and easy-to-use. Hunters, we'd love your feedback. PRODUCT HUNT SPECIAL: Use Code PHUNTER for 20% off! Thank you!
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@jrlebrun HI :) I tried using the PHUNTER228 when checking out for my order worth of $69 but it won't work?
@cindy_kim Hey Cindy, apologies! Try code PHUNTER. Should be fixed.
@cindy_kim We were having issues with our payment processor, so we just switched. Should be working now.
@jrlebrun hm, still doesn't seem to work!
@cindy_kim Really? I just tested it and it's working for me. PHUNTER right?
I was surprised to learn that on average people take their medication correctly less than 50% of the time. Pillsy is a smart pill bottle and app that automatically tracks your pills and that sends intelligent reminders when you forget. You can use it for yourself or to take care of a loved one. Pretty rad.
@writerpollock less than 50%! Wow, that's surprising. Needed product.
Are they selling their users' aggregated anonymized data to third parties in any way?
Awesome product and great job, @jrlebrun and the team!
Pillsy could end up saving quite a few lives. Congratulations on the launch!