PillPack - Medication Reminders

The 1st reminder app more intelligent than your alarm clock

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Been following PillPack since it launched and I'm glad you're tackling the adherence problem head on. Appreciate that the app can be used by non-PillPack customers too.
PillPack is great. This app looks great. Motion seconded that it can be used by anyone. I hate medication adherence as a concept. Healthcare proper won't shut up about it and they just. don't. get it. This may be the first app I have some faith in actually tackling this human frailty.
@thetylerhayes The problem is that NO ONE gets medication adherence. Pill Pack is doing doing better than anyone else at this point, but it's a complex psychological / behavioral nut which nobody has yet cracked.
Does it track how much I have left of medications?
@zsr5 This would be helpful.
@zsr5 Hey Zach, long time no see. The iOS app doesn't show how many medications you have left, but a PillPack customer can login to their dashboard to see how many refills remain and when their next PillPack will arrive.
Huge fan of the team and product - awesome release.
@brendan_o Hey thanks Brendan, hope all's well!