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First Ever Luxury Bedding Line For Men

It’s time for men to step up the bedroom game and understand what true, luxury bedding is all about. You wear nice clothes, you drive a decent car you have a respectable pad. You take pride in yourself and your appearance, so start taking pride in your bedroom. After all, he spends 1/3 of his life in bed, so its the last thing he should skimp on.

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Hey Product Hunters, Our founder, Isaac, has been in the industry for awhile and noticed that women tend to do the bulk of the shopping for bedding. And if men DO buy bedding, it's either the cheapest thing they can find at Target or something with a "really high thread count." This seemed odd, because in so many other areas of our lifestyle, we men are becoming more selective in our lifestyle choices - fashion, beer, hobbies, body wash, etc. Yet guys are still spending 1/3 of their lives on old or uncomfortable sheets with crappy pillows and bed-in-a-bag covers. That's totally lame. So we decided to develop a line of sheets geared toward men. We chose colors our male test audience liked, fabrics that were both soft AND durable, and a science-based approach to picking ideal pillows and sheets. And then we made it affordable. We figure that if the modern man is deciding to take control of what they wear, drink, and wash with during the day, we could take care of what they sleep on at night.  And ladies, treat yourself to the bedding YOU deserve! 😊 (FOR PRODUCT HUNTERS ONLY - 47% OFF OUR OFFICIAL PILLOW - http://bit.ly/PGPH47)

I just realized how bad sleeping life I had, it took my a while but once I used the pillow guy bedding set my life has changed


finally I can sleep, pillowguy made the idea of buying bedding for man so simple


Really good price and best quality you can get

'It's like bedding, but for bros!' Because no greater issue affects men right now than being able to avoid floral patterns in bedding.