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Interesting video:
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@jameswyman Curious, any story behind the different pronunciations of the product name between the actors and the voiceover? Which one is correct?
@covercash Hi Chris, thanks for the note. Good question. Pillo is a diverse project. The idea itself was conceptualized by Italians, the device was designed and engineered by Italians and Americans, our co-founders are American, Italian, and South African. So I'd be amiss to say that there is only one way to pronounce "Pillo". The original version is pronounced by Emanuele (center cofounder in the last scene) but ultimately I think all of the actors and the voiceover did a great job and we encourage you to use any of the above pronunciations as you share Pillo with your network. Thanks!
Very cool. Pillo is your personal health robot that can answer all your health related questions 🤖👼
This is very interesting, but am I the only one questioning if the bot is able to communicate with humans as naturally as it's shown in the video? Building a bot able to understand human language and (and recognize a baby?) is a tough job by itself. **What's the thoughts of the Product Hunt's community on this?** I'm just being curious here :) Congrats for the product!
@danflopes in my recent experience with developing bots I would say that the video is mainly for show and represents a future vision the company has. The interfaces used with bot platforms (think Alexa, OK Google, Siri, etc.) usually rely on APIs/ web services to do things like facial recognition and information retrieval and lookup, which usually are subject to network latency that slows down the natural "back and forth" portrayed in the video. Regardless, it's a great look at the potential of AI and bots.
@danflopes thanks for the comment! As Jay mentions, the video represents both current functionality as well as our future vision for Pillo. Our natural language processing, facial recognition, and TTS capabilities are being leveraged from top technology companies where necessary, and developed in-house where appropriate. They will only get better with time. We have some amazing engineers on the team (you can meet a few in the team section of our Indiegogo campaign page https://igg.me/at/pillohealth) and we look forward to showing you what Pillo can do very soon! Thanks again - we love curiosity! :)
@jameswyman @danflopes excited to see you guys progress! Looks like a kick ass product
This is awesome. Useful and life saving for individuals who takes multiple medications.
@adedayocharis Thanks for the support!
Looks excellent, I love the possibilities of building on an open platform like AOSP. What apps could we be running on our Pillo this time next year?
@endac Pillo's platform is one of his core assets. We'll be building exciting new healthcare applications (in addition to his current features) like nutrition dashboards, stress management tools and other applications in the near future. External developers and partners will also be able to build and port their applications on to the platform.
@jameswyman Awesome! I can't wait :)