Pili Pop

Great language learning method for kids



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Simon Dawlat
Simon DawlatHunter@virtualgoodz · CEO, Batch.com
Eugène and team have refined their app and the learning method for years. Parents leave ecstatic comment on their App Store app page for a reason.
Eugène Ernoult
Eugène ErnoultMaker@e_ernoult · Co-founder, Pili Pop
Hey there Product Hunt mums & dads! Research has shown that learning a second language early has many cognitive advantages for children, including improvement in problem-solving, memory, and multitasking. Yet, there is no easy and affordable way to help children to learn a foreign language. That’s why we created the Pili Pop method to help children practice a foreign language at home with fun virtual characters. Think Dora + Duolingo :) We’ve just added Spanish as a new language to learn (beside English). While many things are obviously missing from the first release, we’d love to get your feedback! Looking forward to hearing what you think about Pili Pop! PS: @virtualgoodz: Thank you for hunting us!