Piku Piku

Create selfie videos & GIFs with fun filters!

Piku Piku is a fun video selfie app with awesome filters! I've been playing around with it few days and it's really fun! (and I play with a lot of GIF apps lol) The end result is you get a really cool GIF or Video, I like that it auto saves to your phone which makes it really easy to try out a bunch of different things, and the filters... are awesome! I actually paid to get all of them :) and the the experience was really smooth. Like really smooth. Here is me flipping through all the filters:
@nivo0o0 If you've any suggestions, we'd love to hear...
Thanks Niv!!
Boomerang that doesn't crash my iPhone 6 every other time 🤐. Fresh and tech well made tech that's perfect for the weekend. I wish you could change the filters after the video/gif was recorded.
@todkiry Our app GIFO (to make gif collage) lets you apply filters after the video is recorded. Go check it out!