Create & animate your responsive website without coding

Hello Hunters, Thanks a lot for sharing this :) I am one of the cofounder of Pikock. We want to make it easier the way to build responsive and multi pages websites so people can create and update content rapidly. We have worked from this summer on the version 2.0 of Pikock which has been release today : A radical new way to build websites with 100 pre-designed, structured content blocks. You just need to drag and drop a pre-designed blocks from one of our categories (Portfolio, Application, Team, Contact ...) to your page and then edit on live the content in it. Happy with it? Just publish it and everything go to Amazon and Rackspace. Here are more details if you guys want: http://www.pikock.com/30/new-pik... Feel free to comment, to give us your feedback, it is always good to hear and to exchange. I want to be hunt too :)
Build your website easily by dragging your content, images, texts and videos at the precise location you want. Your content will adapt to any device: Desktop, ,Tablets and Mobiles.