Mess-free reusable photo-stickers

PIKLIP is an online photo print service that specialises in selling magical sticky photo prints. You can order photo prints straight from your phone or your computer!

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Hi everyone! I'm Leo, one of the founders of PIKLIP. Today, I'd like to introduce an efficient new way to display your photos - quickly and mess free. PIKLIP specializes in a special type of photo print that magically sticks to anything that’s flat and can be used over and over. It's almost like stickers, but because we don't use adhesive, it won't leave any residue behind! Biggest advantage is the convenience of moving your photos from one wall to another without any hassle, trace nor damage to your walls. You can display anywhere without a nail or a frame!! Plus no extra costs or time needed, just order, received and display! We've spend over a year making countless numbers of prototypes to get where we are today, and today we're proud to announce the launch of our 1st beta-trial program. If you're interested in trying this new product, go to www.piklip.com to join and become one of the first in the world to experience PIKLIP prints! We can only handle 200 testers at this time, so hurry if you think this is something you may want. Even if you miss this opportunity, the more demand we have, the faster we can move on to our official launch, so it would mean a lot if you can spread the word :) Thanks everyone! Leo and the PIKLIP team www.piklip.com
Nice video ad. Signed up for a beta right away. Now I have to select 5 photos... Oh...
@vladkorobov Thank you so much Vlad!! Nice to hear you liked the video. You'll be sure to find the actual product exceed your expectations :)

Simple and great!


No need to purchase a frame, and nail holes into the wall. Simple and easy UI


No cons that I know of