A Map that allows you to find Pokemon nearby in Pokemon GO.

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It works very well, hope you launch the iOS version soon!!! 🚀
@lojals If you want send me a dm in twitter to add you in the beta.
@copaceticd I'll do it. BTW It's an irony that PikaPika will be available for Windows Phone and Pokemon GO don't XD
A bunch of people on reddit are concerned about the authentication that this requires. Since I have iOS I can't confirm for myself. I will play devil's advocate and say I can see why getting a notification about someone logging into your gmail is bad. Maybe be more forthcoming with your permissions requirements. If you based this off of an old pogo APK you might have the initial required permissions that POGO got into trouble over. IDK seems really sketchy IMO.
@ddrt My concerns are the same - so sketchy that I've decided not to use it.
What makes this better than other pokemon maps out there?
@bentossell This app is very accurate in the position of the Pokemon (we are not using crowdsourcing), the servers we are using are more stable than the others. Aaaaaand the app its native so we will be able to add more interesting features later. Our scan its bigger than others and its using you current position.
Very solid map tool for Pokemon Go! Added to PokeStack to spread the word.