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We help your website load faster by optimizing your images in real time and deliver them to your visitors at maximum speed.

Piio loads the perfect image, every time, for every device. Piio integrates

as easy as copying and pasting a code into your HTML.

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Hello Hunters, I've been working on web development for the last 14 years and I think something is broken with image optimization. That's why we build Piio, to make it extremely easy for anyone to make their site run as fast as possible and stop worrying about images. Piio will take care of everything, we automate the resizing, cropping, image optimization, compression and CDN integration, providing also specific images for different devices and browsers. Piio integrates directly into your HTML, you don't need to change your image hosting or anything about your technology and it also works with all the JS frameworks. We love feedback, so let us know your thoughts about this :)
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We've installed piio for the next iteration of our product and so far tests are going great. It is so easy to install. Great job!


Really easy to set up


Haven't found any yet

That being said, super interested in an image optimization service that takes into account the device and only loads the optimized image with proper dimensions for that device. Ex. Desktop dimensions and file quality is very different than what is needed for mobile. Resizing the desktop optimized for mobile wastes a ton of size. The only solution I have come across is imgix. Install is quite complicated though.
Hi Justin @jcwinter, that's exactly what we do, Piio takes care of the pixel ratio too so the quality and sharpness of the images are great on all the different screen types. Imgix is a similar service, but they don't have the secret sauce we've :) We're going to circle our beta to all of our subscribers in the next few days.
@nicolasbistolfi awesome. I look forward to the invite email! Would be great to run an optimizely powered a/b on Shopify for an ecommerce store to show conversion rate differences for mobile in particular. The challenge with this category is tying speed improvements to the money making kpi. Purchases or conversion rates for lead gen.
@jcwinter we're working to build those cases with some clients. There are studies from akamai and other sources about speed related to conversions, but there are other variables like image quality and image contextualization, we're going in that direction, since we believe it can be exponential. Thanks for your support!
Excellent! Congratulations, I will give it a try.
Shouldn’t this not be posted yet since it is just a beta signup list?
Hi @jcwinter, the post is marked as Pre-Launch I think it's a new feature, now they have pre-launch, launch and post-launch.