The only true coloring book experience for iOS

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@albrittongreg this looks really beautiful! Would love to hear some of the challenges you came across while making this :)
@bentossell one of the first challenges we faced was getting our hands on the Apple Pencil :) Once we had our hands on that, we could test a number of input methods including finger, stylus, and Apple Pencil specifically. The management and formatting of content was also a big challenge. We have over 200 pieces of artwork and it took a lot of work to sort out which art would work with a book, etc. There are a lot of moving pieces in this process and Eugene did an awesome job arranging all of these pieces into cohesive books.
@albrittongreg Awesome :) So what are the different levels of inputs and how easy they are to use/quality comparison? Assuming the average joe/jane using their finger, how much difference is there vs the pencil - obviously there is one but is it worth shelling out to buy that bloody pencil?
@bentossell any iOS device will provide a nice, relaxing experience purely with the ability to move your finger back and forth to color. There are some great benefits to using a 3D Touch enabled device, particularly for shading. Using a stylus, especially with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, is the closest thing you can experience to coloring a page out of a tangible book. You get the pressure sensitivity, the feel of a pencil, and a big canvas to spin and zoom - these things really elevate the experience in a big way...not too mention you can take over 200 designs wherever you are without and need for another book :)
It's amazing, I love it :)
Beautiful app. Nicely done!
Would it be weird to suddenly need Pencil so I can upgrade my experience of Pigment? Oh, I'll need a new iDevice too. (Please do not tell my accountant about Product Hunt. TY.)