Pigeon Mail

Send a message, stuck to a pigeon

Pigeon Mail is a service where you can send a message stuck to a pigeon

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Hi Product Hunt. A few months back, I was trying to get a meeting with someone to arrange a possible demo for my startup www.veed.io. After a few emails, I did not get a response. So I decided to send them a pigeon in the mail. Once they person received the pigeon, I had the meeting arranged the next day. I share the experience with Reddit and a few people really wanted my pigeon mail as a service. So here we are! Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can send a pigeon with a message attached to whoever you want. Happy flying!
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@sab8a OMG πŸ˜‚
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I am excited to say we have made our first sale! Our first pigeon will take flight tomorrow at 9am
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LOL, I'm onboard with this.
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Thanks @rrhoover pleased you like it πŸ‘
I love this! Very creative! dope 🚬🚬
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The pigeon is cute--perhaps include other options? (Snail or turtle might be amusing. rabbit --a quick note from very near? camel--from afar, like Timbuktu ?) The pigeon is probably perfect but some people love choices(...Starbucks). hmm...apparently I just accidentally upvoted myself. Oops, bad form.
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