The NYC subway app by Google's incubator πŸš‰πŸ—½

Pigeon is THE app for the city commuter who’s tired of unexpected delays and reroutes and wants to escape the crush of the rush-hour crowds. You can avoid these pitfalls because we get live updates about the subway straight from the source: people on the subway, right now!

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Wish the transit mode on Google Maps anywhere was as nice as this πŸ‘
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Glad to see another app out there with a purple icon πŸ˜‰
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Very interesting. Any invite codes out there?
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@bspcht use 'SUBWAY' :)
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@amrith πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸš‡
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Glad to see another subway app out there. I've used Citymapper for the NYC subway system and the one main issue I kept experiencing was not knowing which side of the island I should be standing on, usually in Brooklyn, where 1 landing will offer 2 or even 4 different subway cars within the same crammed space. Citymapper would tell me which landing to walk to, but then it wouldn't tell me which subway car to get into as if it assumed all subway cars were identical for that landing. This was not the case for all stops though, especially in Boston where you can take the A, B, C, D, E train etc within 1 landing. I recall the specific issue being how these NY stops had multiple naming schemes in a format of 3 levels. In a nutshell, Citymapper would tell me the first 2 levels, but failed to tell me the 3rd. I haven't been to NYC in a year so I don't remember the exact stop names so I apologize for that. My question is: will Pigeon solve this issue and be more explicit with users?
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@jeffeisley I would want that as well. Big Citymapper fan here. In my 2 minutes of using pigeon so far I think the only feature it has is real-time train status. Doesn’t seem like a directions app.
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@robrogan Ah shame, thanks for the heads up, hopefully they keep adding features