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Joshua TurnerMaker@joshuat · Founder, Narro
Hey ProductHunt Community! We’re all super excited to bring this service forward. We’ve been working on it for a few months, and while we know this isn’t the end all solution to communication, and that there are dozens of more practical methods of communication, but there’s no solution like Pigeon. We’re currently doing a limited rollout, specifically in the South East, but we’re expanding to 7 major markets and hope to have over 80% of the contiguous United States by Spring 2016. Since unlike most startups, we have a very fixed early stage timeline to expand our distribution method, we have to bring in users slowly. So starting last week, we started accepting new signups. We’ve already let in a couple hundred users in Pensacola, FL (our location) and Orlando, FL. Let us know what you think!
Igor Stumberger@curiousigor · Designer, Maker of Hey Meta and Dockey
@heyjoshturner do PH users get an "early bird" discount? 😋
Joshua TurnerMaker@joshuat · Founder, Narro
@curiousigor @heyjoshturner We're free during beta, so we can't do much more than that!