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It seems like the new sign that you've 'made it' is when someone builds a Chrome extension of stuff you've said πŸ™ˆ cc @levelsio
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Greetings friends! I have been exploring digital nomad movement for at least a year and now I'm preparing for the big change in life, after almost 11 years of corporate career in USA and Ukraine. Pieter levels is so important to me and I believe to a people in the same situation. I feel he is shaping the nomad movement and the whole true adults society of XXI century: by creating the tools and approaches, motivating with his blog, @levelsio twitter, the book (almost ready), his podcasts, his vision on the current technology stack for makers (which really surprised me initially), his overall thoughts on life which show him as incredibly open-minded, wise and deep. So today I'd like to honor Pieter Levels with this Chrome extension. Also I want to thank @marsh931, maker of similar extension, for inspiration and cheering! Enjoy!
@sergiidumyk @marsh931 Haha thanks Sergii, this makes me feel really weird but happy that I influenced you in a positive way! πŸ’–
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@sergiidumyk @levelsio @marsh931 >his vision on the current technology stack for makers Yeah, his advice not to use frameworks definitely seemed weird to me at first, but It makes sense
Life changing. β€΄πŸ†™