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Idea*: would be fun to see this delivered as a Birchbox meets Kickstarter, delivering samples of new food products every month to try and back. Thoughts, @nyctechgrl? *I'm sure this has been considered already 😊
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! Great idea, and yes, we have noodled on that a wee bit, and excited to get to a critical mass of live projects to do this! For the projects raising money to even be able to create their product, we are thinking of a quarterly pack of products for super backers. That way, they can be showcased once they are able to produce their item, post their successful project. Thoughts?
@nyctechgrl quarterly might make more sense or at least an easier place to start!
@rrhoover great minds. Thanks! Happy Saturday!
PieShell’s new and innovative crowdfunding model includes stepping-stones (built-in stretch goals), incubating the projects through best practices, growing a community to increase the funder base, and giving a minimum of 1% back to our nonprofit partner– and it’s working! We launched last October and have a 100% success rate, we have established partnerships with influential companies like Chobani, our newest advisor, Adam Simons, is the Head of Emerging Brands at Clorox, we’ve had media coverage in Forbes, AND 40% of all contributors WAIVED the reward. With close to 40 projects in the pipeline, we are so excited to help new and expanding food/bevpreneurs.