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Hey everyone! My first time as a maker here, really honored to be part of this :) Our team of four (hi folks!) has been building Pie for the last few months, and we’re extremely excited to open it up to the world. Pie for iPhone lets you easily create 360 videos, with or without a 360 camera. We started building Pie because we saw that watching 360 videos on mobile was an awesome experience that really made the most of the fact that smartphones today can respond to so many more different inputs than traditional video was designed for; but the process of shooting, editing, and sharing 360 videos was too irritating (if you’ve tried this you’ll know). It was also impossible for anyone who didn’t buy the separate hardware of a handheld 360 camera to make 360 content. With Pie, you can take a video “slice” - sort of like a mix between a Boomerang and a 360 GIF (although our inside joke is that it’s a spacetime GIF) - by moving your phone in an arc, using just the camera on your iPhone. You can quickly add filters and text on top to make it look cool, and send it out to your friends / share it with your followers. The best thing about slices is that when you move through the video you’re going forward and backward in time as well as space - by slowly tilting your phone you can speed things up, reverse them, whilst also looking around a space. The best uses of it we’ve seen so far involve a lot of movement - dance, crowds, sports of any and all varieties, even friends pulling silly faces. If you have a 360 camera like the Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam, Nikon KeyMission 360, or Kodak PixPro SP360, you can also upload full 360 videos and have the same quick editing experience. Thanks to a partnership with the camera company Insta360, if you have an Insta360 Nano camera (they plug directly into your iPhone) you can shoot, edit, and share full 360 videos all from within the Pie app. We’d love to see what cool slices you can come up with - enjoy, and let us know what you think!
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@cecimetropolis Great app! Is there any plans to add photos?
@cecimetropolis @jacobtref This is why the best camera is the one that's with you. I used to be a professional photography but rarely carry my equipment with my anymore. Micro 3/4 changed the landscape a little bit but the iPhone truly changed the game. 360 experience on mobile is the way to do it. Congrats!
@cecimetropolis Thanks for the demo today, Ceci! I love the use of the accelerometer - definitely a fun new way to interact with videos! Great work 💯
@will_l_sanders thank you! It means so much to us - and we agree. It's been an awesome day thanks to the Product Hunt community and we've been absolutely blown away by the creative uses people have already been putting the tech to. It's inspiring!
@cecimetropolis how do I share videos from the Insta360 Nano app album to Pie? In the Insta360 Nano app there are share buttons for export to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and Messenger. But no Pie button.
The Pie team are an incredible bunch of talented people. This first release looks amazing and I am sure that it will only get better from here! Well done this is huge!
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@jwomers Thanks Justin, means a lot. :D
Great job guys!
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@perrotcl Thanks Clément! Hope you like the app.
360 Video is here. Download Pie on your iPhone. It's pretty awesome.
This is awesome! It's surely just a matter of time before 360 cameras are integrated into smartphones and 360 becomes prolific? Slick app - I liked that I could create a "slice" without having a 360 camera.
@nickste We think so too, re: 360 cameras in smartphones. More likely than not a major smartphone company announces one in the next 12 months, imo.