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Hi there lovely PH people! We exclusively present to you a brand new Pie (Web + iOS). It's the fastest, easiest, and most fun chat app you’ll ever use for work. Happy to personally answer all your questions and explain further the idea behind Pie! Thanks @rrhoover for having us (again!) :) ____________________________________ We're in San Jose to attend the DFJ CEO Summit, come talk to us if you're around! Edit: curious what fans of our previous product PieThis - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... - think of this: @__tosh @clarklab @AndyTheGiant @nbashaw @davemorin @ow @Jonnotie @mutlu82 @ugurkaner @FrankyCaron @andrea_sdl
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@PieterPaul as said before, I love the illustrations and overall feel of the service. Good luck with the launch!
@PieterPaul Congrats on the launch! How would you say you differentiate from Slack?
@ianmikutel Thanks! :) See the answer to your question in one of my comments below. tl;dr: Pie is more simple to use - like your favourite consumer messaging app - and we tailor to less tech-savvy teams.
How's this different or better than Slack?
@tzhongg Good question :) As a tech startup ourself we think Slack is great, but it’s a product that's obviously tailored to tech-savvy people. Pie is a lot easier to use, has less software engineer focused bells & whistles - and has a simple design with a more mainstream appeal similar to the best consumer messaging apps out there. So basically we don’t really compete with Slack as we’re after a not-so-tech-savvy audience :)
@PieterPaul @tzhongg with upmost respect, I’ll challenge that statement. :) Slack is pretty darn simple. It has a lot of functionality but it's easily ignored (in fact, they could probably do a better job of exposing all the extensions they and their community of developers offer). You’re right that Slack and similar solutions market toward a more techie audience so maybe there’s an opportunity to fill with respect to positioning.
@rrhoover we met with a lot of people that tried stuff like Slack, HipChat, Chatter, Yammer, etc. - and for most of them, it simply didn't compare in ease of use to what they're using now like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. With Pie, we want to give people an app that competes with and improves on what they're using now (consumer apps), and with the work features they're missing. We aimed at building something fun, fast and easy that is, finally, a real 'consumerized' chat option for work.
@rrhoover @tzhongg You're right that compared to the bulk of other software offerings Slack definitely offers a better onboarding and easy-to-use experience. However we've observed at multiple companies that they can have a hard time outgrowing the engineering team and often don't get adopted in less tech-savvy departments. We try to live by the phrase ‘you are not your user’ and push the benchmark of consumerization. We hope that with our friendly art and more minimal approach we can convince teams that still use WhatsApp, Messenger, or Skype to make the jump.
@PieterPaul @rrhoover @tzhongg Have you found then that the tech-savvy departments already using slack are less inclined to adopt Pie? What level of companies are you targeting?
Love the design. Especially the app icon, simple enough which doesn't make me feel 'stressed' when looking at something related to Work, has a feeling that it's embedded nicely next to the iOS Messages icon.
@thkeen Thanks! You make us blush :) Our aim is to be as good - or better - than the best consumer messaging apps.
Hey, I was wondering why I can't see anything of the app yet? Text doesn't mean anything to me if I can't see what it looks like. So I can get an idea if it's for me. I don't want to read 4 paragraphs before I get to know that.
@Jonnotie cool - it's on the way. Will be there soon. We have a sweet video/product shots that show you how things work that needs a bit more tweaking.
@Jonnotie @rrhoover hey Jonno ;) it's in. Refresh and check again. Hope you like the little Product Hunt love in there.
Looks great, can't wait to use this with our team at Grana.
@pieterwittgen Thanks Pieter, let me know how you guys are getting along!