Work chat that’s all signal, no noise

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I'm digging the branding, @PieterPaul. I'm using Slack w/ the Product Hunt team. How does this compare to this and the many other team communication/collaboration apps? cc @tommoor from Sqwiggle P.S. I noticed @__tosh's essay, What Product Managers Can Learn from Starcraft, is mentioned in the product screenshots. :P
:D @PieterPaul are you planning to allow bots/services to post into pie as well or do you want to keep it human only (just curious)?
Amazingly well made. Not everybody has the balls to make something so solid for an MVP.
Pie makes a mini-chat room for everything you want to discuss - from links, files, questions, images, to what’s for lunch - so every conversation stays on topic. Happy to answer any questions and explain further to the lovely PH people. Thanks @rrhoover for having us! _____________________________________________________ Ok guys, gotta get some sleep (we're based in Singapore). Keep the questions coming, I'll make sure to answer all of them in the morning. All feedback is more than welcome! Don't forget to follow Pie on Twitter: https://twitter.com/piethis
Ha, we loved that article by @__tosh ! Screenshot is almost same as an actual discussion we had :P To your question on how Pie is different - read: better - than more traditional chat apps: unlike chat apps with vague-topic chat rooms that often veer off-topic Pie offers an experience where every conversation is centered around a single, specific item so you only need to bother with what’s important and don’t get interrupted by conversations you don’t care about.