Fill your walls with art and photos in AR 🎨

PictureThat makes decorating your home easier, using augmented reality you can choose the best locations to place your art work and photographs before you put them up.

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Good timing. I have a new 20x18 foot wall to decorate. πŸ™πŸΌ
@rrhoover perfect! Do you have a few pictures you want to try? A less known feature of the app (we need to communicate it better) is that you can try out anything from any website. So if you find a nice piece on Etsy and hit the up arrow on the browser you can share the image to PictureThat and see what it would look like on your wall at home.
"Honey! I would like to fill this wall with some cool art!" β€”'Show don't tell' just became a lot easier... Yay! Hey @michael_yagudaev can you let the world know how they can use this nifty tool? And how they can help you?
@milann, thank for submitting our product. We built PictureThat to help us see what prints and paintings of various sizes look like in our homes. We were tired of buying the wrong size or the wrong picture online and having to return it. Simply put, we love art, photography and interior design and wanted an easier way to make our home feel warmer and beautiful. A couple of main use cases are: Photography - see which of your photos are worthy of being printed at different sizes Interior Design - try out different paintings from online stores before committing to one which might not work Renovation - try moving the TV to onto a different wall, decide where to hang a whiteboard or mirror and maybe find wall space for your the degree you worked so hard for Gallery Design - decide how to organize art pieces before trying to move a 100 pound painting to the wrong spot We will appreciate any feedback. Particularly, we would be interested in learning more about how you use PictureThat for your design/renovation projects. We got a few new features coming soon.
My wife will be happy. Good application!
@csaba_kissi glad to hear :). We would love to hear her feedback on what we could improve
That is an incredibly interesting idea. Can't wait to give it a try.
@dangerstick thanks looking forward to hearing your feedback :)
Should link up with level. Let me order frames ready to hang! https://www.levelframes.com/
@pj_mukh wow great website :). Sure let's hang out (pun intended).