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Nate Westheimer
@innonate · Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
Sharing some data here about how much traffic @producthunt sends your way. Google Analytics as of this afternoon is as follows: https://picturelife.com/innonate... 1,879 total visitors (more than any other news/social source) with an average session length of ~ 1 minute. Incredible work by @rrhoover et al at PH.


Nate Westheimer
@innonate · Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
Thanks @kylebragger for the submit and the the votes y'all! I'm Nate, the CEO & Co-founder (along with @charlesforman and Jacob DeHart) of Picturelife. Today, we just relaunched everything, and are especially excited about the new iOS app linked above. AMA! I'll be here all day.
Phil Toronto
@philtoronto · Vayner Capital
PL has been backing up all of my photos for many fortnights at this point - we're talking at least 40+ fortnights.
Michael 🤖 Galpert
@msg · is a human
Picturelife Search is my favorite thing. The ability to hide my n00ds is my second favorite thing about this app :P
John Borthwick
@borthwick · betaworks
@philtoronto me too -- great service and product (disclosure we are investors)
Taylor Crane
@taykcrane · Senior Product Manager, Originate
Been using Picturelife for a few weeks now after I became absolutely fed up with iCloud/iPhoto and the abomination that is Photostream. Very happy with the product overall, and satisfied that I can finally have all my photos accessible at my fingertips. I LOVE the fact that I can tag, and then search photos, but the idea of going through 2,000 photos and t… See more