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Thanks @kylebragger for the submit and the the votes y'all! I'm Nate, the CEO & Co-founder (along with @charlesforman and Jacob DeHart) of Picturelife. Today, we just relaunched everything, and are especially excited about the new iOS app linked above. AMA! I'll be here all day.
@innonate congrats on the new launch!
PL has been backing up all of my photos for many fortnights at this point - we're talking at least 40+ fortnights.
Picturelife Search is my favorite thing. The ability to hide my n00ds is my second favorite thing about this app :P
@msg we're also pumped that Picturelife hides your n00ds, Michael. But seriously, thanks for all your support!
@philtoronto me too -- great service and product (disclosure we are investors)
Been using Picturelife for a few weeks now after I became absolutely fed up with iCloud/iPhoto and the abomination that is Photostream. Very happy with the product overall, and satisfied that I can finally have all my photos accessible at my fingertips. I LOVE the fact that I can tag, and then search photos, but the idea of going through 2,000 photos and tagging all of them seems like quite the hassle. I wonder how others manage this. Nate, what does this new update include? On first glance I don't see anything different, but I don't use the mobile app that much.
@taykcrane Thanks! So the new app includes a bunch of stuff. For existing users: 1. Incredible new Maps view on mobile. So cool to see what you've shot right where you are. 2. View all your photos with Faces in them. We do face detection right on the device. 3. Favorites! Believe it or not but this is my favorite. Those 10 photos I always search for are right at my finger tips. 4. "Open in..." functionality – finally :) 5. Screenshots get their own view, and don't clutter nice photos. 6. And perhaps the most significant – huge for us and new customers (but not a big deal for our existing customers) – is that Picturelife "just works" now right after download. You never have to create an account if you don't want the cloud storage option. Out of the box it's just a better camera roll/Photos.app. Beyond that, it's faster, has a really neat "quick action" system, and more I'm sure I'm forgetting!
@innonate Great stuff. Curious why you're releasing all these features at once as opposed to continuously? If you were iOS only I'd understand but given you have a web app, I'm surprised you waited to release all of this together. Curious what the decision-making process was behind this. Love the Favorites idea. Is this automated, or does the user have to indicate which photos are favorites? Hoping the former. Any features that allow me to more easily find past photos I welcome.
@taykcrane releasing new iOS and new plans was mostly a coincidence. Favorites are 100% user-driven... like choosing what photos go in your wallet. We use automated "best photos" picking in many other areas though, like the homescreen of the web app, the daily Memories emails, etc.