Klout score for Instagram. See how insta famous you are. πŸ“·βœ¨

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This reminds me of the super viral 2015 Best Nine site. h/t @thekenyeung for this find My score is 72 and here are my top 3 most liked photos, ironically all Product Hunt related: Share yours here.
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@rrhoover @thekenyeung cool interface! Couldn't load it on mobile though. I'm a 112 - surprisingly all top photos are taken with an iPhone and are full-size portraits:
@superpencil_ currently reevaluating life πŸ˜”
@hfauq @rrhoover @thekenyeung sorry about that Hugo! There is one issue when you discover it in a mobile app that we aren't sure how to work around yet. Basically iOS embedded safari doesn't keep track of new windows causing the author window to never close right.
Pretty sweet!
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@gregarious could you use this example to explain a bit about the algorithm? @chrismessina has 117K followers and decent engagement, but his score doesn't seem as high one might expect (after seeing people on this thread with way fewer followers having Picture.io scores that are nearly as high or higher than Chris's)
@gregarious nevermind...think i figured it out lol
@james_mcnally haha thanks James. Expect the score to evolve quickly!
Share your score! The easiest way to add images on Product Hunt is to: -Upload it to: http://imgur.com -Paste in the direct link
@nivo0o0 Thank you- great tip :-)
@nivo0o0 How can I insert images into comments? :(
Here is the all-time leaderboard, maybe one of us will make it on there πŸ’
@nivo0o0 Just got the number one spot with one of my accounts!
@nivo0o0 And I lost the spot...
@nivo0o0 Just hit #5 with mine, haha.
@willfeldman3 @nivo0o0 congrats! What is your handle?
@nivo0o0 the dog accounts are winning this game like crazy
Hi everyone! One of the co-founders of Chute. It's been very exciting to see all of your scores - far more impressive than mine. If you happen to have any problems or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to let me know and we'll be there to help. As a small aside, it's kinda funny seeing picture.io called the Klout of IG. I was the first employee at Klout and spent a long time working on influence measurement so it's all coming back around. Some habits are hard to shake! Greg http://imgur.com/hIJLXgd
@gregarious it's cool, thanks for developing this! Are you guys planning on adding services like more detailed Instagram analytics?
@linkyinnovation Yep, there is a lot more coming!