Turn your regular pics into zoomable GIFs

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Awesome, any chance of an Android App?
@koozai_harry Also hope for an Android app of this
@iambellegit @koozai_harry Definitely interested in learning android. Maybe give me a few months.
@thomas_abend @koozai_harry awesome! Cant wait :) thank you thomas!
I think this app gives you just enough options to make any kind of zooming/enhancing GIF you want while also having a really simple & quick interface. Nice clean single-purpose app.
A good tool to make GIFs of your friends in a variety of situations πŸ˜€
Very cool! This is similar to Zoom Enhance, which I love πŸ’• https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Super straight forward and fun. Really easy to share the gif/video to other platforms.