Pictofit 2.0

Shop smart with the AR-driven virtual try-on app.

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Hi Hunters, Pictofit is a mobile app that lets you try on clothes on your own body. You just need to take a photo of yourself and you're ready to go. Thanks to your feedback after our initial PH feature, we’ve learned a lot about the things you liked, but also the struggles you had with the initial version. Today we're excited to share with you our all-new 2.0 version. Besides an entirely new user interface, there are two major changes in the new version: Swipe to try on We’re excited to introduce the Pictofit feed. It’s the first fashion inspiration feed where you can try on entire outfits with a single swipe. Immersive shopping Moreover, we completely revised how you can browse through your favorite web shops and try on the things you like. We have developed a native interface for all the different web shops, making it much easier for our users to navigate through the stores. Less clicking, faster try-on. We’d love to hear what you think of it! If you have any more questions, I’m more than happy to answer them. Have a good rest of the week! Cheers, Stefan
@stefan_adelmann Hey Stefan, looks pretty cool. When I get back from work I'll give it a try, but in the meantime I had a couple of questions. When you say "try on anything" what do you mean exactly? Is the clothing sourced from other websites/shops? If so is it a specific list and how did you get to that list?
@castalanoo Hey Troy! Great, thanks for checking out the app! "Try on everything" means that our users are not limited to a certain number of clothes which we've prepared for the try on. It basically means that, as our algorithms work with the images of the respective shops, our users can try on all clothes that have the right image properties, which is frontal image of the garment, in the best case without a model wearing it. In the "shopping" section of our app there is a list of web shops that match these criteria and that have images which work well with the app. Hence, our users can "try on everything" from these web shops. Hope that answers your question! Looking forward to your ideas and comments!
@stefan_adelmann Awesome, thanks for the info. Took a quick look and see how it works a little more now. What would you say your guys' "goal" is? Is the end game creating a fashion centric pinterest of sorts? Or centered more around the online shopping experience with a dash of social
@castalanoo "Fashion centric Pinterest" is a pretty good expression for it, and we also use the Pinterest analogy. We want to give our users the chance to get inspired for new outfits, and to plan their new outfits ahead (like you plan other projects with Pinterest). And we think that an essential part of "planning an outfit ahead" is the ability to see how the clothes look on your own body. And this is where our technology comes in. So, it's a combination of fashion inspiration and the technology that helps you make make better-informed purchasing decisions. The online shopping experience is an additional aspect. This is where we started from. But we've seen form our users that actively shopping online for clothes is a less frequent use case than getting inspired. This is why we've added the inspirational section with the new version.
@stefan_adelmann Hi! English is not my native language so unfortunately I do not understand intuitively how to use the app. I mean I don't understand the sequence of actions (workflow). I'm stuck at the stage when I choose the model and background for her and I can't understand what to do next. It would be great to shoot a demo video that explains how to use the app.
Is this for women only or will it work for us guys?
@benjaminefox Hi Ben! It works for guys as well!
Hey, love this concept! I run a blog and would love to hear and write a post about you and the journey of creating Pictofit. Would you be interested? Shoot me an email at phil@discoverpioneer.com :)
This could have many applications in fashion and ecommerce businesses. How do you handle sizes for every person? I mean the clothes have to be 3D models to try them on?
I think that if this technology can be applied to online shopping that will be great! For people who do online shopping usually you make a gamble and hope that the clothes will look good on you, but using this technology in online shopping sites it will help the shoppers a lot!