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Nice one. I find the social functionality integration a good feature for such a service. It can also be quite fun :-)
@aramiggs haha... we also love seeing our male models wearing these beautiful dresses. :-)
Hi Hunters! This is my first time contributing to Product Hunt and I’m really excited about it! Pictofit is a mobile app which tackles the problem that online shoppers cannot easily tell whether they are going to like a particular outfit before ordering, what often leads to negative experiences when unpacking and trying on the outfit for the first time. With Pictofit you can try on everything you love on your own body. The app doesn’t need 3D images of the user or the garment. Instead, it works with images of the users and with standard fashion photos in the web shops. The app understands the structure of the garment and adjusts them to fit the our user’s body pose and shape. Currently we are developing the 2.0 version of the app which will make the try on even easier, introduce more social features and an inspirational stream that you can virtually try on. We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback! Cheers, Stefan
@stefan_adelmann Interesting app! curious - why did you choose to have a built-in messenger?
@stefan_adelmann This is a superbly executed app. I love the fact that the garments will adjust its form to fit that of the user's pose and shape - this makes trying on outfits a lot more immersive. Best of luck - I could see this becoming a big hit in many places, especially with the younger populace.
@ppaslier Hi Pierre! Thanks for the question! We have integrated our own messenger in the 1.0 version because we wanted to give our users the chance to send pieces and comments on a one-to-one basis. However, we have seen that they mostly use other services (like WhatsApp and FB Messenger) to share with friends. As we want to reduce the app complexity for the 2.0 anyway, we decided that we will temporarily remove our own messenger. Instead, we will improve the integration of external services (like WhatsApp and the FB Messenger), and couple the new stream feature with a commenting system. Stefan
@daspianist Hi Allan, thanks very much for the kind words! There is still a long way, but we're happy how things have developed in the last months. :-) Stefan
@stefan_adelmann what's the best way to get a hold of you?
So weird, I was thinking about building an app like this one, however building it with an api - so you can basically 'try on' clothes from different vendors like; Macys, Kohls, etc..
@techaggregator Hey! You can access the different web shops with the "Add piece from Web" tool on the main screen of the app. This part of the app will be even easier with the 2.0 version. The pieces you see after the install are just automatically shipped, so that users can start working without any big effort. Stefan
@stefan_adelmann hey man this looks super awesome, are you looking to do a dope promo video? I see this being a really strong app for a video.
@15greenberg Hi Daniel, thanks! :-) We're definitely planning to have more promo videos in the upcoming months. Stefan
Nice. My hardware startup is developing a smart tape measure that can be used to digitally measure body sizes and send them to smart devices. We might be able to do something together in the future!
@bagel_labs Hi Dave! Your project sounds exciting! All the best for your Kickstarter campaign.