Instagram in the Pinterest viewing style

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love the layout
the skeuomorphic design throws me off a bit :) that said... the use of the "Pinterst" layout is cool, and the Explore tools are awesome. this is IG for web at it's best.
@d2burke creator here - it's an old design that hasn't been updated in a while as you can probably tell
@pekpongpaet I was thinking that :) Seriously though, great work in the rest of the interface. If/When IG ever adds to their web app, it'll probably work a lot like this, if they're smart.
Beautiful - love the large photos. Always wished Instagram had a web (or iPad!) view like this. Really great stuff!
Looks like a copy of a copy of a copy of pingram... http://www.pingram.me/
Thanks for the upvotes everyone.