A fun and addicting pixel art puzzle game.


A fun and addicting pixel art puzzle game. Your goal is to rotate the tiles to create the road that will shape the final picture. An awesome and rewarding time killer!

150 levels are available across 5 thematic packs: Basic, Video Games, Science, Food, and Animals. The game is updated regularly and more packs will be added in the future.

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1 Review5.0/5

I really enjoyed playing this game and I'm only waiting to have new levels to finish !

It's addictive, one puzzle can take up to 2 minutes (sometimes 5 for the really difficult ones), so you can easily launch a game at everytime, and everywhere.

It's a good time killer, and some levels will make you think twice...

I really loved the Pixel Art design of the game, and the concept of it. In my experience, I never played a game with this gameplay before :)


easy to understand, fresh, fun, pixel art, many levels, did I say PIXEL ART ?????


some levels are too short

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