Make, share, and play tiny games

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This is so cool! Seems like you could get something up and running in a very short amount of time.
@jakecrump Yup, I'm working on a game right now - I hope to teach some of my school friends how to make them too, fun way to get started coding.
I discovered PICO-8 a few days ago, when I was looking at Pocket CHIP. PICO-8 is something what you would call a virtual console - all the features of a gaming console, except the hardware. It will work with a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, including Raspberry Pi. You can code games in Lua with the built in editor, make sounds, design characters, tinker with other games, and discover hundreds of other games too. And, the games are so small that PICO-8 exports them as a PNG image of a cartridge, this image actually contains the game! You can play games you make on the web, or on the PICO-8 app.

It's an amazing concept, and has a really active online friendly community.


It's a brilliant sandbox in which to learn how to make and play games


Larger screen size