Picniic 2.0

Your family home OS, wherever you are

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Hi PH! Up until now, we’ve been heads down working on a better, tighter version of the Picniic family management platform. We released a lot of updates for iOS and Android, and recently launched the web app over at picniic.com We’ve been fortunate to get some great press too, which includes Picniic being listed in TIME’s 50 Best Apps of 2016. And on top of that, we recently closed our institutional seed round. Now our team is working harder than ever to bring an innovative, next-generation approach to the family category. The feedback we get from families and users like you is what motivates us to keep improving the platform. Thanks!
@mjcole100 Love what you guys are doing with Picniic, would equally love to find a way to connect it with Kudoso and work together, seems like the perfect compliment! Let me know if you are interested in talking further :)
Looks cool. How do you make money to stay alive?
@joshdance I am wondering this as well. In Picniic v1 they were subscription based, but I am not seeing anything about that anymore. Interesting.
This looks cool. Going to give it a try for my wife and I.
Great video. Beautiful colours and animations.
This is such a great idea! Downloading it now to try it out.