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This is a tough one. When I saw it, I was super excited that our family could stay more organized and in such a visually pleasing way. Then I installed the app. Half of the features are premium-only and you cannot remove them (at the time I used it) from your dashboard. The other big issue for me was the price point. There is no way I can justify spending $14.99/mo for my wife and I. If this was $4.99/mo, it would be a no-brainer, take my money. $9.99/mo would be a tough sell but I would consider it. Especially if they added Google Calendar support, which is also a disappointing non-feature for me. The UI and the idea is great. And I think if they dropped the price and gave the free users a little more freedom to remain free without constant reminder they aren't on premium, this would be a winner.
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@phostercreative you should try FamilyInSafe.com it is free and smarter =)
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@phostercreative Hi Brain, thanks for your feedback. please keep in mind this subscription price is for the whole family (can be up to 8 people- parents, kids, grandparents, caregiver, etc).
@mjcole100 @phostercreative I'd have to agree the price is too high. It's more than a Netflix account, and that's for a whole family. I tried the product and ditched it after seeing the price.
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@streetvisuals @mjcole100 @phostercreative Same here. I got pretty excited when I saw the app. But I won't use it at all right now. Too less free options, and the pricing is waaaaay too high.
@phostercreative This was also the reason why I tossed it. Most (if not all) of these features are available as part of other apps (Todoist, GCal, Telegram, etc) and to pay $15/mo to bring them all together is a bit much for me. I'd be happier seeing a $4.99/mo for 2 users and bump it up ($1/per) from there or something. $0.02
World Wide App Store please!
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@felipericieri . It is released worldwide now
Great idea, I assume an Android version in the future?
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@zaccoffman you can use FamilyInSafe =) There are free locations, unlimited to-do lists with smart places. For example you can create reminder with shopping list and you will be notified when you are near walking near groceries shop.
@zaccoffman and we have android version as well
@zaccoffman next month Android will be released
@mjcole100 @zaccoffman Is it next month yet? :) I've been checking in every week to see if it's available yet.
Seriously, why developers are still releasing apps just on iOS ? Not just about this project...
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@valdecarpentrie average revenue per user is 10x to 100x higher on iOS vs Android. So most launch on iOS first and then make an Android version.
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@valdecarpentrie Android will be available next month
@joshdance Thanks for this answer ! Well, that's logical. But it's still the same with free apps without in-app purchase... And I think the number of users on Android could be a great asset too, compared to the one of iOS users.
@valdecarpentrie that's an easy answer. Because Apple maintains the updates on their devices after a few months 70% of the platform is running the latest OS which as a developer means you don't have to test a bajillion OS versions. Fragmentation is one of Android's biggest problems within the context of development. I see no reason to target Android first unless your product is filling a vacuum there when it's easier to target the more stable platform first and then deal with fragmentation later.
Looks great, but it's not available here and I don't see why.
@andreasbackx now released worldwide