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Hey PH! We're really excited to launch this today. Many of us have gone through the hassle of setting up new domains. It doesn't need to be so complicated or cost so much. With picnic, we've reduced all the noise, clutter, and endless forms down to the absolute minimum to get something up and running. ourfirstpicnic.com was the first live domain we created and took 30 seconds to make and 3 minutes to go live. We're here to answer any questions you might have. Hope you enjoy!
@billychasen Hey Billy, i can see you will open an API. Can I know more about that? That'd be of interest to me actually
@matgosselin absolutely, make sure to sign up for the beta list. we should be done soon.
Really like these kind of projects. For the future I could see a marketplace for nicer layouts/designs (for an extra fee). Also an option for adding form to leave an emailaddress would be pretty cool. With former option a cheaper plan (per month) could work. Haven't checked, but who owns the domain? Can I transfer if I want it too?
@eelcojellema you always control your domain. you can transfer it if you want, but that'll end the hosting with us. we'd definitely like to add more layouts and designs later on.
@eelcojellema I agree, I think a small template marketplace that makes it really easy to create slightly more complex, well-designed sites would be an awesome next step!
Wow! I love the concept and the simplicity you guys have achieved is astounding. I can really see this being useful for people wanting to make an extremely simple website in a matter of seconds.
congratz! Love this idea! May you bypass product hunt hyping and get some light. I think this is very cool. I just have to remember to remember it for the time I will need it. My advice is to make sure people know they can edit it (I've seen it in the copy but I think it should be more prominent.) and how simple it is to edit (Well just repaste something there). As It's also massively important to make sure people feel safe to know they can update it. If you can replace the whole old school ftp as well I think you may have a winner!
@matgosselin thanks! ya, it's that easy. you get a link and just press update when you change your content.
Wow, I can see this becoming super useful for testing ideas and launching mvps. I also love how straightforward it is. It takes 30 seconds to understand what Picnic does and if it can be helpful for you :)