Picky Pint

Take a photo of a beer list and get recommendations

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Now if they can add in a feature that shows my wife what beer tastes most similar to Blue Moon, I'm sold.
@thejournalizer Look for light yellow bitterness bars in Picky Pint, and you're most of the way there ;)
Oh man, I've been talking about an app that would do this for years. Soooo happy someone did it! Stoked to try it out.
"SCAN BEER LISTS WITH JUST A PHOTO With just a photo, Picky Pint lets you quickly find ratings, style, bitterness, and other information about each beer in a restaurant beer list. SCAN BAR CODES Picky Pint also lets you get ratings and information on beers by scanning bar codes. Perfect for finding a beer made just for you at the store, or in your friend's fridge."