Picky Food

Be less picky about where to eat

Don't know what to eat? Restaurant ideas clashing? Is everybody saying "I don't know."? This app will turn "I don't know" into "I DO KNOW!" Try Picky Food to help you make a decision on where to eat.
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@g33kidd congrats on the launch, Joshua! Me and my girlfriend have the same problem every time we want to go out for a quick lucnh, dinner. Had the same conversation you described just today :D Can you please share what kind of logic your app use to suggest a venue?
@feriforgacs Thanks! Really proud of it so far, but I know there is still some work to be done on it. Right now it's totally at random, but I'm working on adding more features like tastes, popularity of places, etc.. I was also experimenting with the idea of a "game" where other people can choose the place for you, but idk how well that would work :D
I made this because family has problems figuring out what to eat when everyone's in town. They suggested I make this app, so I did.
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