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Borui Wang
Borui WangMakerHiring@bwang29 · Founder, Polarr
I think a lot of hunters are getting a little A.I. fatigue recently but we're inviting you for yet another human vs machine experiment: Ever getting tired of finding the right photos and making them look perfect before sharing? Picky helps ease all your minuscule decisions about which photos have the best smiles or best compositions, which knobs to turn for the perfect lighting, color and skin effect; it simply does it all with A.I., and it works offline. Download the app and see 1) If you can edit a photo better than Picky's A.I. 2) If Picky indeeds choose the right photo for you out of many. We were told Picky is really smart, but is that true ? : P
Robert Nagy
Robert Nagy@robert_nagy · Marketing & Design, Sparefox.de
Nice idea and good implementation. Though choosing the right photos could be better if picky would ignore screenshots or scanned documents. Furthermore it would be awesome if it could save all pictures in a separate folder. Or even overwrite the old photos! Keep on improving 😄 nice job!