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Jack Ross
Jack RossMaker@jack_frosst · Co-founder, Pickup Guitar Club
The best learning occurs when you see results quickly and are motivated to continue. Aspiring musicians are often discouraged by traditional music lessons. With Pickup Guitar Club, we teach you the same skills through songs like Sweet Home Alabama and Wagon Wheel and from artists such as Taylor Swift, Blink-182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Learn to show of for your friends, or pickup an instrument with your son or daughter. You will share a song from day one. We have just completed our private beta, and our opening the site up to the public! Product Hunt visitors can join this week for only $1! We hope there are lots of you who share our passion for music and want to finally pick up that guitar that's been lying around and learn to play. Pickup Guitar Club was developed during our senior year of high school. We completed a Kickstarter in the top 10% of all projects and as the most funded teens. We were astounded. We knew music was important to many people, but we never expected them to speak so loudly. Their supports allowed us to develop a much easier way to learn. Please let us know what you think!
Eddie Wang
Eddie Wang@eddiepluswang · @ Scotiabank Digital Factory
@jack_frosst Love the idea! Definitely grabbing my acoustic guitar that's been collecting dust on the shelf as soon as I'm home.
Jack Ross
Jack RossMaker@jack_frosst · Co-founder, Pickup Guitar Club
@eddiepluswang awesome Can't wait to hear what you think! If you have any suggestions for songs you'd like to be added let us know! 🎸
Aksai Bapa
Aksai Bapa@aabapa
Looks great! Just a heads up: on the "What you'll learn" page, some of the Stage Three song badges under say "Stage One" under the song name.
Jack Ross
Jack RossMaker@jack_frosst · Co-founder, Pickup Guitar Club
@aabapa thanks! We'll make sure to update that