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The next version of the app will include some additional features such as tracking of which photos have already been organized. We will include an album management page where users can share full albums and change album names easily.
@rowens awesome. For me, being able to track what's already been organized one of the most important features of a photo organizing app; otherwise I waste all my time on the same photos because "I'm not sure and want to be safe"
Thanks @maxwellhallel, yeah tracking features are one of the top priorities for the upgrade. Do you prefer to have photos grouped in months? To be able to see at a high level what's done and what's not
@rowens Month view is definitely more useful to have than not, but I'd definitely rather have tracking over month view
Agreed @maxwellhallel the tracking is definitely the priority!
@maxwellhallel tracking has been added to the latest version, you're now able to share whole albums and change album names too!
Hey Guys! Delighted to be featured on Product Hunt! Please let me know any questions that you have about the App! I'll send some more messages about future features later today!