In, we have tested hundreds of different cloud tools.

We put some of the best and most popular of them in one place to help your business grow by finding and using the best SaaS software.

At pickSaaS, you can find or ask for recommendation about the best marketing, project management, CRM, live chat or many other types of software.

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Hi Chris, Hi Product Hunters 🙌 Thanks for hunting picksaas! My name is Matt and for the past year, together with our team, we have been analyzing over 150 SaaS products to help our customers grow using the best apps. At picksaas, you can discover and browse through many different cloud products or just ask about any specific type of application which can help you grow your business. As always, we’re here to answer any of your questions related to SaaS recommendations or our platform. P.S. We hope you stay up to date with our content about new or interesting growth-driving cloud apps.
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@matt_pliszka Picksaas is great! Congrats :)
@thebig3c thanks Chad, happy to hear it and can't wait to continue developing our product 🚀
@matt_pliszka Fantastic resource, I'm a big fan of how you present information, e.g. 'Create a website easily' rather than just categories. Great copy! I've submitted Prumio as a resource - not sure if there's a relevant category so I chose marketing. Thanks for creating!
@walsh_ldn Thanks James for the feedback, happy you like picksaas :) Will look into Prumio and come back to you with the reply.
Thanks for featuring Salesflare!
Hey, will you include more categories in near future?
@wiktor_sobolak thanks for asking! Sure, we're already working on new categories :) We also publish the news about new software on our blog and through our newsletter, will be more than happy to keep you updated!

very happy to have found this product1


Very easy to navigate and make decisions between products



Thanks John, always ready to help in discovering growth-driving apps 🚀
Great product @matt and @pick_SaaS bring us new clients so in perspective of SaaS product provider it is working very well
@michal_korba Thanks a lot for the feedback. Great to hear this and looking forward to working together even more :)
Great site & product, I like the layout a lot. I browse a lot of software review sites when I look for new software, but Picksaas is the easiest in terms of usage - you get a clear overview of tool features and prices without too much effort. Really saves time.
@kutna_letva thank you and we're happy to hear you like it :) Always happy to help discover the best apps and feel free to contact us directly if we can be of any personal help when researching the software!